Yowii Modchip - Buy Yowii Here

This modchip is designed to be installed in the Nintendo Wii.
Yowii supports all DMS, D2A & D2B versions of the Wii with Yaosm.

When installed, you are able to play original, backup and imported
Wii games and Gamecube games. Using Yaosm 3.0 the Yowii now
supports SMG fix and other games with similar protection.
Free Homebrew games and programs are available on the net

The new and innovative Yowii mod chip offers you
choice and flexibility, previously unseen in any
Wii chip.

Key Features of Yowii Modchip

Quicksolder install: This modchip offers true quicksolder installation.
The solder pads are much more accurate than other modchips and
extend to both sides of the chip. Soldering the Yowii chip will
usually take less than 30 seconds.
wii quick solder

Color Coded Wires: When choosing the wire install option, the wires
that come with the Yowii modchip are color coded. It is very
easy to be sure of a correct install by a simple visual check. modchip colorcoded wire install

Cable Connector: Solder less points using the cable connector.
Only solder wires to the drive board, not to the Yowii modchip. This
halves the number of points to solder and means that this mod chip
is easily removable for flashing.
Custom yowii connection cable

Larger capacity chip: Because the Yowii uses a 12f683 Microchip
there is plenty of room for future upgrades and features. The use
of this chip also has the additional benefit of not needing an
oscal value. The oscal value is needed on other chips and if it
is lost, the chip may not function.

For a simple install, the Yowii comes pre-flashed with Yaosm 3.0
It's also 100% compatible with WiiFree and some other codes.
(Dont tell anyone but it even works with w**nja code too).
With the Yowii, it's your choice!

The Yowii chip offers the flexibility of multiple install options:
  • Internal Quicksolder
  • Internal Wire install
  • External Wire install

For the more advanced user this modchip allows you to develop and
test your own code or work on improving existing source code. Discuss
your progress/problems with others on our forums.

Yowii Programmer

This JDM based programmer gives you the ability to flash
your Yowii Modchip whenever you like.

With the Yowii Programmer you can reflash your modchip in an instant.
Its faster than burning a dvd and there is no need to disassemble your Wii.

Yowii chip jdm programmer